For our wholesale customers, we do our best to maintain our inventory. We ship quickly, and it’s unusual to order from us and not have relatively (this, of course, is open to interpretation) complete shipping. Yes, we do orders of individual items, but charge a $5 additional process fee. For the Bask silver rings we carry standard whole sizes only. If ordered without specified sizes, we´ll select a good sellable range of sizes for your order.


For the Steven Battelle “RGD” silver/gold rings we also do individual special orders of exact size, and can quote for different stones and special orders as well. Normally this takes around 4-6 weeks.


Please take a look at some of our close-out styles.  All of these are below what the current production pricing would be, and then with a 20% discount on top of that.  The "Clearance" items are discounted even further to 40% off. Most of these were overproductions which have only reached our website with the launch of this new site in 2013.


Coin from Mysore, India, ca 1820´s, (same login and password)